Our Philosophy

At Bright Beginnings Forbes, we believe that everyone is a unique and individual being who brings a range of experiences and cultures into our environment. By embracing these differences, we can share and learn from others, build acceptance and create a diverse community where everyone belongs and is respected.


We strive to take a holistic approach in educating children, ensuring we care for mind, body and spirit in our day to day interactions, and in our planning of the learning environment. We consider each child’s ability, knowledge, interests, culture and community and ensure this is the foundation for our interactions and our practices. Building meaningful and reciprocal relationships with our families encourages a deeper understanding of each child, their family and their community.


We take a play based approach to learning, and are led by the children’s interests in consultation with them, the families and the wider community. Educators have embraced the Early Years Learning Framework, and are guided by the 5 learning outcomes when planning and assessing children’s learning. We critically reflect on the Practices and Principles to ensure we provide a relevant, challenging and inclusive curriculum.


We strive to create a strong team environment, in which everyone is a knowledgeable and valued contributor. Each educator brings with them a different set of ideologies and theories regarding child development which is shared with the team, and offers a deeper perspective when planning for the children. We support this further by undertaking regular professional development to continue to grow and learn ourselves.


Created in consultation with families and educators, Oct. 2016

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