Our Fees

The exact cost of your fee will depend on whether you are eligible for assistance from Centrelink, and the percentages you are eligible for.


Types of assistance you may get are:

  • Child Care Subsidy

  • Additional funding under the Child Care Safety Net

  • Other funding (ie from outside support agencies such as the Benevolent society, DCJ etc)

Please contact Centrelink for more information regarding each of the subsidies, and your eligibility.


Our full fees are as follows (before any discounts are applied):


Blossom Room (0-2 Years) $102.00 per day

Rainbow Room (2-3 years) $101.00 per day

Preschool Room (3-5 years) $99.00 per day

After School Care (6-12 years) $33.00 per day

Before School Care (6-12 years) $22.00 per day

Please note: OOSH care places are strictly limited, and preference is given to siblings of children who attend our service.

Our Enrolment Process

Step One: Making An Enquiry

We love to show our centre off and invite you to call in so we can show you what we have to offer. We are happy for you to pop up at any time, however calling ahead allows us to plan for your visit to ensure we can give you our full attention.


Once we have shown you through, and you have met our educators who will give you information on how our centre works, we can then discuss further what you are looking for, and what our availability is. You will be given an information pack that includes an enrolment form, and we can discuss fees, what benefits are available, and answer any other questions you may have.


There is a wait list on certain days, so we may offer you alternate days, or place your child on the waiting list. We do work hard to fit children in on the preferred days, however, this can sometimes take a little time, and is priority based. As soon as a place becomes available, you will be notified and the position can be secured if still required.


Step Two: Enrolling

If you decide that we are the centre for you, simply fill in the enrolment form and provide any additional information as required, then return it to us. We will then advise you of the next available start date for your child, as well as the cost of your fees. Two weeks fees are payable upon commencement.


Step Three: Orientation

We have found that children, and in particular our youngest babies, settle better when they have had several orientation visits. Preferably you will visit with your child, and stay for a short while to allow them to become used to the environment and the educators. This also allows the educators to get to know your child a bit better, and you can exchange information with each other regarding routines, likes, dislikes etc.

The next step we prefer is then leaving your child for a few hours, while you duck off for a well-earned coffee break. Again, we find this works best as some children need a few shorter days to become accustomed to the environment, and to get to know the educators. We try to make orientation a positive experience for everyone, and will use your child’s cues to determine what is going to work best for them, and for you.


Step Four: First Day at Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre

It’s now time for your child to start their first full day. Our educators will help you to place your child’s belongings in their locker, see to drink bottles, dummies, bottles etc, exchange any relevant information, and sign your child in. Then it is time to say goodbye. We strongly encourage you to say goodbye to your child before you and reassure them you will be back later.