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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Who We Are

Since August 2016, Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre has been a family run business, and the owners Kym and Jonathan Goodall have the desire to offer a service that meets the unique needs of the local community, while also providing a quality early education to children. Located in the small country town of Forbes, in Central West NSW, we are a stand alone service which places a high emphasis on our families and relationships.



Kym is a University trained Early Childhood Teacher, with 15 years’ experience in the industry, while Jonathan has been a local trade business owner within the community for many years. Kym had a dream to lead a team who are committed to support children to become socially and emotionally connected beings, who are well prepared for success in school, and beyond.


Whilst Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre is a Privately run business, we are committed to giving back to the local community. We take every opportunity to participate in fundraising and community events, assisting in raising money for local and national charities. Can Assist, The Asthma Foundation, Cancer Council, The Leukaemia Foundation and The Kids Cancer Project are just some of the regular fundraising events we participate in, whilst also regularly hosting volunteers from House With No Steps and prac students from the local high schools and TAFE.

What We Offer

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Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre is open Monday to Friday from 7am till 6pm, and is closed for weekends and public holidays. We offer 9,10 and 11 hour sessions in order to save out of pocket expenses by maximising CCS hours. 


Our fees include three meals each day of Morning Tea, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea, which are carefully designed to ensure they are healthy and nutritious while catering to any allergies we have within the service.   


Incursions and excursions are an important part of the learning program, and are also included in our fee structure. Moreover, milk (excluding formula), nappies, nappy creams and powders, and sunscreens are also provided at no additional cost.


We also run an excellent Preschool Program within the service, which is overseen by a university trained Early Childhood Teacher to ensure that children are ready to begin their formal schooling.

The Rooms


(0-2 YEARS)


In the Blossom Room, our educators focus on building secure, reciprocal relationships with children and families, forming a strong partnership of mutual trust and respect. This allows a deeper responsiveness to each child’s individual needs, and communication styles.  


Routines form a strong part of the program, allowing children to feel safe and confident within the environment, and further supporting the connection between home and Bright Beginnings. Children are encouraged to explore all aspects of the carefully planned spaces, and to take on new challenges while being reassured by the presence of a trusted adult.


(2-3 YEARS)


In the Rainbow Room, our educators begin to focus on supporting the emerging independence of the children. Children are encouraged to build on their foundation of knowledge, and work towards succeeding with a range of self-help skills.


Educators have a strong understanding of child development, and recognise that all children are capable and confident learners, who benefit from trial and error and risk taking. Strong relationships support children to feel ready to take on new challenges, while knowing there is a reliable adult close by who they can turn to if help is needed.


Children also begin to discover the joys of having positive relationships with peers, and educators support children to explore the complex maze of sharing and turn taking, building friendships, and becoming aware of their emotions and how to communicate them in a socially responsible way.

(3-5 YEARS)


In the Preschool Room children extend on their own natural curiosity as they begin to explore math, science, art and language. Guided by responsive adults, the interest based program follows the lead of the children, allowing them to influence the direction of learning which makes it meaningful and relevant to the children and our community.


Educators ensure that the environment is designed to offer challenges, promote curiosity and reflect issues that are relevant to today’s society, while further supporting children’s social and emotional development

As the children progress through the year, the program becomes more thoughtful and purposeful to ensure our older learners have developed the skills necessary to be successful at school, and beyond.

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